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A conversation from 1995 between Saniyka Shakur (better known at Monstr Kody) and Tupac Shakur (not blood relatives) has recently been unearthed for your listening pleasure.  The 22 minute audio is nothing short of incredible, containing a platitude of incredibly interesting topics that Pac candidly and (then) privately spoke on.

According to Saniyka Shakur, who is the author of the book “Monster: Autobiography of an LA Gang Member” the conversation happened after he was released from Pelican Bay prison in 1995 just days after Tupac had also been freed from incarceration, and was the result of his wife accidentally pressing record on the answering machine .

Some of the topics they speak about

– Pac playing Kody in a film, set to be directed by a then unknown director, Antoine Fuqua (director of ‘Training Day’)
John Singleton is a coward
The Hughes Brothers are cowards
– Pac speaks on who shot him (no mention of Biggie, Badboy etc) , and how the girl who accused him of rape was in with them and it was part of a bigger conspiracy.
– What happened with the shooting at the police incident in Atlanta
– What his experience in jail was like, all the politics and fuckery he dealt with as a result of being 2pac.

The most incredible part of the conversation is when Pac passionately details to Saniyka a plan he has to restore the hood and bring respect back to the leaders in the community, as well as getting people registered to vote.  The plan involved youth sports where famous rappers have individual teams and perform at weekly free block parties for the community.  Your best to hear the man himself describe it (starting at the 4:35 mark) but take this quotable for example

“Imagine me Redman, Trech, Ice Cube them typa.. gettin out , going up to the main drug dealer on that block, whos the ni#$a that run shit… look playa can you please have these streets clean”



Speaking of Tupac, the play “Holla If You Hear Me” , which is based on his life and music will be opening to the public on June 19th, look for our review of it before then.


Spencer @sjeezs