Fans around the globe eagerly await tomorrow—the beginning of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Unlike any other sporting event, the World Cup captivates the entire globe with representatives from 32 countries across 6 continents. Will home country Brazil take home the coveted title? Will Spain repeat its 2010 victory? Will European powers Germany or Portugal reign supreme?

Will a different South American nation benefit from proximity to home and captivate the world?

Source Sports’ Brandon Robinson gave his World Cup Preview on Arise Entertainment 360 with Lola Ogunnaike and Shannon Lanier. posted the following odds regarding the upcoming World Cup in Brazil:

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-Most goals by team?

Brazil 3/1

Argentina 7/2

Germany 9/2

Spain 13/2

Most likely 1st round upset?

Mexico over Croatia

Chile over Netherlands

Japan over Colombia

Costa Rica over England

Ecuador over Switzerland

Bosnia over Nigeria

Ghana over Portugal

South Korea over Russia

-Most red cards by team?

Uruguay 9/1

Colombia 10/1

Italy 12/1

-1st round game to erupt in a brawl?

Spain vs Netherlands 5/1

Uruguay vs Costa Rica 8/1

Belgium vs Russia 12/1

-1st round game that competing fans brawl?

Spain vs Netherlands 5/1

Uruguay vs Costa Rica 8/1

Belgium vs Russia 12/1

-Fans from which country streak field?

England 5/1

Mexico 8/1

Brazil 10/1

-Fans from which country have largest banner in stands?

Brazil 5/1

Spain 8/1

Netherland 10/1

England 11/1

-Fans from which country create most fires?

Argentina 3/1

Brazil 5/1

England 10/1

-Who wins Golden Ball?

Neymar 6/1

Lionel Messi 7/1

Cristiano Ronaldo 9/1

Luis Suarez 25/1

-Who wins Golden Boot?

Messi 9/5

Ronaldo 27/10

Neymar 13/5

-Who wins Golden Glove Award?

Julio Cesar 7/2

Sergio Romero 9/2

Iker Casillas 6/1

Manuel Neur 6/1

-Who wins Best Young Player Award?

Paul Pogba 3/1

Thibaut Courtois 4/1

Christian Atsu 8/1

-Who wins Fair Play Trophy?

Spain 3/1

Brazil 5/1

Germany 8/1

-Which team scores the first own goal?

Iran 6/1

Algeria 7/1

Croatia 8/1

Mexico 10/1

Colombia 12/1