Darnell DockettDarnell Dockett is known for making jokes and speaking very candidly on Twitter.  Sometimes people feel he goes a bit too far and last night was one of those cases.

Either Dockett had just attended a wedding or he was randomly thinking about marriage but he tweeted this:

Dockett tweet 1

Then things took a quick turn as he expressed his disdain about the partner wanting half once the marriage doesn’t work out and that he doesn’t “blame OJ”.

Dockett tweet 2

Now everyone knows that OJ Simpson was accused of killing his wife Nicole.  He was found not guilty but that didn’t change the opinion of many that he did the crime.  People assumed Dockett was condoning that action but he says he wasn’t.

Dockett tweet 3

Dockett tweet 4

Dockett tweet 5

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)