Monday night, Trey Songz, graced the stage of iHeartRadio in celebration of his new album “Trigga.” The  “Na Na” singer gave the fans just a taste of what to expect for his sixth studio album.

The evening featured  a live band with bass and electric guitarists, trumpet players, keyboard, and drums for a more classical jazz sound that definitely added a cool twist. He kicked off the show with his new hit single titled, “Foreign,” followed by a snippet of his second single “What’s Best For You,” as he went on to explain the behind the scenes of the single he recorded almost two years ago, and elaborating on the meaning behind it “I mean it’s like I want what’s best for you, but at the same time you’re supposed to be mine forever.” Oh Trigga, you just know all the right things to say, don’t you?

The R&B sex symbol even dropped some tips on relationship advice for the ladies and fellas. When asked to list his favorite qualities in women, the singer mentioned independence. “I love a woman who can match my intellect. I love a woman who has own her ambitions,” he said. “I find a lot when I’m dealing with women, they have their own goals, going for them and they have the reasons I fall for them. They get caught up in my world and they lose their ambition.”

Trey warned women about putting their own interests on the back burner for their partners. “To the women out there, never lose yourself in a man, ever,” Trey said. “You lose the man, while you are doing it.”

Trey even shared dating tips for guys. When texting, he said it was unacceptable for men to reply to women with one-character responses. “Never text, ‘k,'” he said. Trey revealed that he is, however, a fan of using emojis. While jokingly flirting with iHeartRadio personality Nessa.

During the 45 minute live stream, Trey went on to perform a mix of his infamous hits, from “Heart Attack,” “Mr. Steal Yo Girl,” “Wish We Never Did It” and his Billboard number one hit “Na Na.” The singer revealed his favorite song on the new album probably had to be “Yes No Maybe,” as well as an unnamed song he chose not to reveal on the deluxe edition album.

By the end of the night, Trey turned things up a notch. Performing his 2010 hit song “Bottoms Up,” while skipping over Nicki Minaj’s verse that’s on the original recording, to rock out to his own version. “ I want to do this one thing before I leave because I love this part.”

In between songs, Trey took time out to participate in a little Q&A to discuss “Trigga.”

Q: So tell us about Trigga, why the name?

TRIGGA! That’s my name. It’s one of my nicknames friends have been callin’ me for a while. I wanna shout out to everyone that came out and shout out to everyone up top that came. And this new album features a lot of people, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Juicy J, Mila J, Ty Dolla Sign, and it just shows another part of my personality.

Q: How much are you gonna give us on this album, is it a bit more personal?

I would definitely say all my albums have been personal, but this is just personal at a different phase in my life, you know I have a lot of different things going on as far as the way people perceive me to be the way that I am, the way that I live my life, the way that they think I should make my music, and yah know I just feel that it’s my favorite album.

Q: What things are you going through in your life, is it like the ready to get married phase?

I’ve been wanting a wife and a family since my first girlfriend, that’s something I’ve always wanted but I’ve never been one to rush love or to think that love is something that you could do quarterly or have a girlfriend just because the media thinks I should, or have a girlfriend because my mama wants grandbabies or something like that.

Q: Does she ask you all the time?

My moms been asking for grandbabies since I was like 22.

Q: So you have a song called ‘Smartphones’. So yeah, what type of phone do you have? What kind of text messages do you get?

What kind of messages do I get? Important messages, non-important messages, sex messages.

Q: Do you use emojis?

I use emojis all the time, I love emojis! It’s hilarious

Q: What’s your favorite emoji?

Like if I was texting you, and I seen you from across the room, I’d send you like little heart eyes.

Q: What is your favorite song on the album?

If I had to pick one song, I have a lot of favorite songs on the album, yah know in the process of making the album it was actually a different favorite song every week like as I recorded one song it would be about defeating it, the next week I would mix it and play with it and go back, and add vocals. I guess there’s a song I probably worked on for three weeks straight, yea like going back here adding a vocal there, and messing with the beat. My younger brother actually produced “Yes, No, Maybe,” so I would probably say that’s my favorite song.

Q: Alright so earlier you were talking about your fans the angels, and then they got a lot of questions, yah know love dove questions,- are you in a relationship right now? What are the qualifications that you’re looking for?

I feel like a women that can match my intellect, has her own ambitions, I find a lot that when I’m dealing with women, that they have their own goals going for them and that’s the reason I fall for them and they get caught up in my world and kind of loose there ambition. And to the women out there, never loose yourself in a man, ever.

Q: But I mean we want to know physically Trey, give us something- big boobs, big booty, what kind of guy are you? A booty guy or a boobie guy?

I like both, I mean before anything I see a woman’s face.

Q: How was it hanging out with your boys last night, you guys performed how was it being back on stage and seeing your friend Chris Brown, cause you know you that’s your good friend, he was doin’ his thang man.

I’m just happy to see him, you know you’re not gonna see no body that’s a good person like that, we all make mistakes and we all learn from them and we all have the same issues, so to see him doing well and see him back on stage, and he I and August on stage at the same time, yah know last night was just a legendary night for R&B.

-Jasmine Burch