Take a Tour of KAWS’ Brooklyn Art Studio, Designed by Wonderwall

KAWS studio
KAWS studio2
KAWS studio3
KAWS studio4
KAWS studio5
KAWS studio6
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KAWS studio8

So this is where all the magic happens.

KAWS’ art studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is quite impressive. Japanese interior design firm Wonderwall, who have notably designed the interior of every BAPE flagship store, as well as several Uniqlo flagship locations, provided the Brooklyn artist with an amazing, yet minimalist work space. 

KAWS’ atelier features bright natural toplighting as requested by the artist to help create the large vibrant paintings he’s internationally known for. The spacious studio more so resembles a gallery, with its simplistic design and white walls which bears several of the artist’s past masterpieces. The all-brick exterior of the workspace meshes perfectly with Williamsburg’s rugged, industrial aesthetic and its second floor balcony provides a great view of the neighborhood.

Take a virtual tour of KAWS’ studio in the gallery above.


Khari Clarke is on Twitter (@KINGCLARKEIII).