With the a sound dubbed as Hip-Hop Hood Metal, New York City based Xombie is set to release their new album Capital X. Xombie’s sound brings a brand of unique flair to Hip-Hop, tearing up the underground scene and exploding into the ears. The have also opened for Cappadona, OTEP and Hed PE to extensive touring in the CMJ, CBGB and Bamboozle fests.

One of the hardest things to figure out in music is what is real and what is fake. What’s real is it’s hard to deny Xombie as they climb out of the unknown scene and make a name for himself leading the revolution with Hip-Hop Hood Metal and their fan base appreciates such as it continually grows, which is evident of the $11K they raised via Kickstarter and got superstar Kimbo Slice to appear in their new video.

Check out Xombie’s music vide Rock Bottom which features Kimbo Slice: