Robin Thicke ain’t got nothin’ on Emile Danero’s lost love song

Delaware based rap juggernaut is Emile Danero is making waves on the music scene with the recent release of his single “Unconditional” featuring Tone Jonez. Emile Danero is committed to changing the game; and he plans to take his career to the next level one solid story at a time with a true heart for Hip-Hop and developing his natural gift of being a performer.

“The stellar production on ‘Unconditional’ coupled with Emile Danero’s poignant cadence, delivery and flow results into a dynamic song that is sure to be a nation wide hit” according to 

The song is about a man on a mission to win back a lost love after making a series of mistakes. The lyrics are honest and forthright. It is a radio friendly jam that is perfect for the summer. The ladies will love this track and it will cause some fellas to do some soul searching.