Ferguson PD has released a video of a “strong arm” robbery in progress, which is allegedly of the 18 year old unarmed teenager killed in Missouri

On the same day that the reported name of the Ferguson police officer who shot amd killed an unarmed Michael Brown was released, a video of an apparent robbery was released by the Ferguson Police Department that, according to police, depicts Brown committing the robbery.

Many are asking, ‘Is that really him?’ ‘Why are they releasing this now?’ ‘Are they trying to criminalize him as it was done to Trayvon Martin?’ The Ferguson Police Chief has said in a statement that Brown was not being approached by Wilson in reference to the robbery, so why was the video released?

The answer lies in your perception of not only the video or the officer’s guilt or innocence, but in your own outlook of police brutality and race relations in this country.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)