According to various reports, the media is being intimidated by the police, bordering on having their First Amendment rights violated

Everyone knows that there is a serious crisis occurring on American soil, however, no one outside of Ferguson, Missouri knows how serious it really is.

Ever since 18 year old Micheal Brown was shot and killed on the afternoon of August 9 in Ferguson, conflicting reports of what has been happening in the streets in reference to the tragic shooting, protests, looting and police presence have been excessive. Tear gas, along with rubber and wooden bullets, have been the choice of weaponry of law enforcement against unruly protesters as well as law abiding journalists and reporters.

Many believe that tge police has been hiding the officer in question to protect him from his punishment for committing such a heinous crime. The community demanded the identity of the officer who shot the unarmed teenager, but the Ferguson PD denied the public that information. Allegedly, the hacker group Anonymous released the identity of a Bryan “Scooby” Willman, who the group named as the shooter, however, the accuracy of that information was never confirmed.

According to CNN commentator MichaelaAngela Davis, white citizens have been walking into fast food establishments with rifles and aren’t arrested, however, journalists are being handcuffed, including reporters from the Washington Post and Huffington Post. Several images on the internet show news crews equipped with satellites being bombed with tear gas and having their cameras disassembled and possibly destroyed.

With the name of the police officer who shot Brown just being revealed almost an entire week after the shooting, some even doubt if Darren Wilson is the real identity of the actual shooter. will be following all details of this story as it develops.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)