I’m sure we’re all familiar with photos of people with captions like “Getting This Money,” ” On My Grind” and other Birdman-like slogans. But to see the actual come up in front of your eyes is inspiration in itself. Before the corny Instagram captions, moves were being made. Becoming head of a label isn’t an overnight feat, in fact after assisting the King of Memphis, Yo Gotti with everything from touring, A&R side of things back to the business for the Collective Music Group (formerly known as Cocaine Muzik Group) definitely shows hard work, determination and hustle at the ultimate levels.  Brandon Mims, President of CMG has made his rounds and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With a good ear to what’s hot and who we should be checking for we had to get insight to what’s now.  Check out his Top five on this edition of  HEAVY ROTATION.

Name || Brandon Mims aka B. Mimms

Where Are You From || Memphis, Tennessee

Where Do You Bring To The World Musically || President of CMG (Collective Music Group) home to Yo Gotti, Snootie Wild, Zed Zilla & Wave Chapelle.

Your Favorite Nightlife Spot || Club Story, I like the vibe of Club Story, I’m not a heavy clubber but always enjoy myself there.

Party Starter ||  I’m from the south and anywhere you go, if  Yo Gotti – That’s What’s Up comes on, You’re going to get the same, crazy reaction every time.

Links || Twitter BMimms Instagram || BMimms 

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