LA raptresses PTAF derops single from their 3 The Hard Way album

After finding success with their hit song, “Boss Ass Bitch,” Los Angeles-based female Hip-Hop trio, P.T.A.F. (Pretty Taking All Fades), is back again. Rejuvenated and with more music to show the world that they are not just a Vine and YouTube sensation, P.T.A.F. has been steady at work recording new material. By following up their success with a fresh new single called, “Hol Up,” P.T.A.F. looks to solidify their place amongst the fast rising stars of the West-Coast and other female emcees that have paved the way for their movement and widespread acceptance. One such female rapper is Nicki Minaj who jumped on the remix of “Boss Ass Bitch” trying her hand at flowing over the boom-bap heavy beat, reminiscent of Hip-Hop’s early days. Although the girls are proud of their success with Nicki Minaj, they are not yet content despite generating over 20 million views with their song “Boss Ass Bitch.” Having released “Hol Up, “You Playin”, “Boss Ass Bitch” and “Fly Shit Only” the girls are in a groove with respect to writing and recording new material for their EP 3 The Hard Way, which is set to release October 27th, 2014.