You and your car could be quenching your thirst with the same fluids

The extra-spicy Fireball Whiskey has grown in popularity as of late, but certain European countries aren’t impressed with exactly what has all these college kids turning up.

The North American recipe differs from the European recipe for regulation reasons, and one of those regulations is Europe’s ban on a certain chemical known as Propylene glycol. Propylene glycol–a prevalent ingredient in anti-freeze– is listed as “generally safe for use in food” by the Food & Drug Administration, but is “out of compliance” with the regulations of several European countries, including Sweden and Norway, who are asking Fireball Co. to recall the wrongfully billed shipments.

Fireball has grown insanely popular, especially among young people, who helped the fledgling liquor company grow in sales by nearly $60 million dollars in a 3-year span. To put it in perspective, in 2013, Fireball tallied higher sales numbers than the ever-popular Patron brand of tequila.