Phila-based artist Politicize Rize drops his debut mixtape

Codename: Assassin is the newest release by Indian/Pakistani Muslim, Farid Ahmed, aka Politicize Rise. The mixtape features artists from various genres of hip-hop, like horror core inspired artist Jason Porter, Mars, King of the Dot battle rapper Tantrum, Shogunna, and Red McFly, producer for French Montana’s Coke Boys. The mixtape includes the singles, “Darkness Falls”, “My Pride”, which was is an ode to Asian American Hip Hop artists and “Celebutard Killer.”

On the track titled, “Darkness Falls”, which features the production by Jason Porter, the Detroit artist raps “I’m exasperated/bitches emasculating a man/so I put her body in the back of van/damn! /She got a body, but I ain’t gonna touch her/take the van that she’s in/put it up in a crusher”. This is far from his cry of being political, misunderstood, and his so-called fight against oppression, because this one verse contradicts such claims against justice for all people. The delivery and lyrical content throughout each song will definitely be sure to make your ears bleed. In fact, it’s so bad that you can barely follow the tracks, even though there are only five total.

On the title track “Politicize”, he attempts to take a stand for fairness in hip-hop but he fails to deliver the message. What is really mind blowing is that he took a classic sample from Big Pun and Fat Joe’s legendary track “Twinz” for his Juggalo edition and totally disrespected the track with his detestable lyricism and blatant disregard for the two hip-hop pioneers. On the track he raps, “hop in the wagon, assassin is ready/to kill them at the club/cause’ them bitches soft as a teddy”. What?! This album doesn’t even deserve a rating, but if it were to receive one, out of sheer sympathy, it would get one mic. Your rhyme scheme is weak, and your topics are all over the place, which sums up the entire five track album. He is no political assassin and should more than likely stick to his day job.

-Tamara El(@_SheWise_)