Hailing from the ultra talented city of Grand Rapids, MI, J -Rob was introduced to Hip Hop at a young age by his stepfather. When listening to J- Rob, you can hear the influence of growing up in the era that sparked Hip Hop’s meteoric rise. An era when the music was made to make an impact, to relate, and to give a voice to those not usually heard, not just to make a dollar. It’s time to get back to that.

J Rob has spent most of 2014 working not only on his craft, but building his audience. After opening for Young Jeezy and Curren$y, along with making some radio and show appearances all over Michigan and Chicago, the ball is rolling in the right direction. Peep his current song entitled “Soulful Ballad”. Also check out www.jrobscampaign.com and follow him on Twitter @jrobscampaign.com