Finally, some good news for the victims of Berndt’s abuse

A 30-year teaching tenure for Los Angeles Unified School District came to an end in 2012 when Mark Berndt was exposed by a pharmacy clerk after he brought in photos of students in bondage. An investigation followed, and what authorities uncovered was nothing short of revolting. Dating back to the 1980’s, evidence of disgusting and foul play from Berndt in dealings with his students was uncovered, from letting roaches crawl on them to forcing them to eat cookies made with his semen. How was he allowed to teach for so long? Well, according to the lawyers in charge of the settlement case, the LAUSD ignored several claims–including claims that Berndt was masturbating in front of his students.

There were so many things along the way that were signs, including photographs a parent brought to the head of the school in 2008 of a child eating a cookie covered in white slime. -John Manly, plaintiffs’ lawyer.

The 63-year old Berndt is currently serving a 25-year old prison sentence, and the $140 million that the lawyers settled with the LAUSD for will be divided up amongst the families of the affected children based off the victims’ level of trauma. Some have been said to be “suicidal.”