Actress Hayley Marie Norman stars in Chris Rock’s “Top Five” out December 12.

Without giving away too much, she is invited by Jazzy Dee (Cedric The Entertainer) to entertain Andre Allen (Chris Rock) when he comes to perform in Texas. Her, Karlie Redd, Chris Rock and Cedric have a hilarious moment in the film. Read our exclusive interview with Hayley Marie Norman below:

Q:  How did you get involved in this film?

A:  Well, my agent sent me the script and I read it and I thought that it was absolutely hilarious.  I had just worked with Cedric The Entertainer on his show “The Soul Man,” so I knew that it was a chance to work with Ced again and to work with Chris for the first time.  So I basically called my agent and said, ‘Get me this part I gotta do it.’  And then I met with the casting director and then it happened.  I came to New York and shot it.


Q:  And this movie has so many stars.  How was your reaction like seeing so many people in it like Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and all of them?

A:  Amazing.  When we were shooting they were like, ‘Oh!  Jerry Seinfeld just had your same trailer yesterday.’ And I was like, I’m never washing anything.  Jerry Seinfeld was just in this trailer.  And then the cast just kept on getting more and more A list and I feel like this is the most star heavy cast ever.  So being a part of that is just so exciting and to be on the poster among these people is just a dream come true.


Q:  Who was the most fun working with out of this whole entire cast?

A:  I would say – well Chris is really fun.  And Chris, I’ll like text Chris to ask him questions about stuff and he responds.  But also Ced is so cool.  They are both just so down to earth.  Don’t make me choose.  Don’t do this to me.


Q:  Top five let’s go with.

A:  Okay, okay. From this movie, Chris, Ced, Bruce Bruce, and JB Smoove, who actually, we didn’t have any scenes together, but he still gets an honorable mention.


Q:  And what was one of your favorite scenes to do in this film?

A:  God, all my scenes are so wild and crazy so I would say – all my scenes are so wild and crazy.  There’s this scene where we enter and I’m ransacking his hotel room and asking him for jalapeno poppers and that was really fun.  And then one of my favorite scenes was as an audience member with Anders Holms from “Workaholics.”  His scene is out of control, it is so funny.


Q:  And can you relate to your character in any way?

A:  Ummm, no.  I had to dig real deep for this one.  She is very different from me.


Q:  Do you have a favorite comedian?

A:  I am a huge fan of, of course, Chris Rock.  Lucille Ball, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Jerrod Carmichael, and the “Broad City” Girls.


Q:  Did you listen to any of them growing up or did you just get into comedy?

A:  No, I have been a big fan of comedy for a while and I am such a comedy nerd.  I feel like I listen to like every comedy podcast.  I’m at UCB every day of my life I feel like.  The new UCB Sunset is – every time I come to New York, people will be like, ‘let’s go to a club,’ and I’m like I only go to UCB shows, like it is all I want to do.  And then the new UCB Sunset is walking distance from my house so I literally just live there.

-Vinesh Vora