Prefacing Tonights game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, protesters had blocked the entrance to the Barclays Center

At about 7:30 Monday evening, outside of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, a mass group of protesters had gathered outside before the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets game about to happen. According to persons on the scene, individuals were not being allowed inside to the event center. A short time later, the group began to shift away from the entrance, allowing people to finally enter the Center. People entering the NBA game said that protesters were then talking about heading to the nearby bridges. The protests are a part of the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter Campign, tonight being dubbed the #RoyalShutDown according to tweets seen by bystanders and photographers.

Images from eyewitnesses capture the size and outraged tone of the protest (some of the language may be unsuitable for certain audiences)


Photo: V. Decosta

Inside, some of the players were spotted practicing in black shirts sporting the now famous “I can’t breathe” phrase spoken by Eric Garner shortly before his death resulting from a choke-hold in Staten Island earlier this year.

Via Twitter: Jason Gay

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-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)