Em and Fif give the backstory to one of the standout cuts from his classic debut.

50 Cents groundbreaking album Get Rich Or Die Trying is the biggest selling debut in hip hop history, selling over $12 million copies worldwide.  Today, Complex releases another edition of their ‘Magnum Opus’ segment where 50 Cent and Eminem discuss the process of signing Fif to Shady Records, but more importantly, the creation of the project.  The pair go into detail when speaking on one of the standout tracks, “Patiently Waiting.”  The song, which features both Eminem and 50, is a fan favorite in an album filed with classic cuts.  The segment also features appearances from those who were instrumental in bringing the album to life, such as the now Epic Records EVP of A&R Sha Money XL, attorney and manager Paul Rosenburg, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and DJ Whoo Kid.  Watch the clip above.