Time to not only show love for the DJ one time but to enter his mind. UK’s Mr. Switch (formerly DJ Switch) won 2014’s World DMC six minute competition but doesn’t plan on returning next year to take on new challengers. Instead, in typical Mr. Switch fashion, he’s looking to push his creativity to new levels by doing more live shows that incorporate ideas like Guns ‘N Roses and Shakespeare. Regardless of what he does, it will most likely impress as he’s already gone unconventional routes by DJing with a live orchestra at the BBC PROMS, a prestigious honor for a musician of any genre.

In an exclusive interview with Digital DJ Pool, Mr. Switch discusses his start in DJing with an affinity for UK Garage, changing his name due to massive confusion in the media world and outside of it, his methodical approach to creating sets, and where he’d like the future of DJing to go (spoiler alert: it doesn’t include vinyl). You can read the complete in depth interview HERE.

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