Two of the most vocal, intelligent, pro- black Hip Hop artists arguing on Twitter is only a recipe for some really good comedy…and this round goes to Lupe

This week was a wild one for Azealia Banks. First the West Coast wunderkind Kendrick Lamar and now she’s Tweet beefing with socio-political rap giant Lupe Fiasco.

Banks went on a vicious rant against the Chi-Town bred lyricist, calling him a “sad, old Chief Keef”, while showing a pic of Lupe sporting locs at The Grammys resembling the young drill music king. She also made claims that no one was paying attention to Lupe until their tift on Twitter, not even his 1.3M fan followers who are gearing up for Loop’s upcoming Tetsuo And Youth.

Some people Tweet so much, that they forget what they may have posted in the past and evidently, Azealia Banks is one of those people. So, after her Twitter attack, Lupe reminded her of what she used to think about him in the funniest Tweet images imaginable starring none other than the infamous Kermit:

@AZEALIABANKS: i used to steal so many Lupe Fiasco flows when i first started rapping haha. I love him!!

If that wasn’t enough, Fiasco showed and proved that Banks hadn’t done much homework before sending out her Tweets and replies in a way only Mr. Kick Push could:

It’s only a matter of time before AB gets bored with Lupe and kicks up dust with someone else. Who do you think is next on her beef list?

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)