On Thursday January 15, the world famous poet IN-Q hosted an intricate, in depth showcase called “Question Everything” at the historical Downtown Los Angeles Mark Taper Forum.

As a poet and a rapper, he’s shared the stage with artists such as John Legend, Eminem, De La Soul, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and performed on the main stage at the Life is Beautiful festival. He is the first poet to perform at a Cirque Du Soleil production and he co-wrote this year’s Official Coca Cola World Cup anthem.


In the world of songwriting, IN-Q has a publishing deal with Rock Mafia and his hit single, “Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez went multi-platinum and earned him a BMI Award. He’s also written with renowned artists including Miley Cyrus, Aloe Blacc and Mike Posner.

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Accompanied by special guests Mike Posner and L.A. based music group Magic Giant  the night was filled with social commentary, humor and good vibes. The evening started when “top of the world-cool guy” Mike Posner introduced IN-Q to the stage. Posner was humbled to be involved and even commended IN-Q for being the first poet to deliver a sold out 1 man show in the 750 seat forum.


Next, IN-Q ushered everyone in attendance to connect in ways they’ve never felt before. Everything from stretching to breathing and even massage exercises awoke and brought everyone together. IN-Q being a master of his craft constantly had the audience in awe, with long winded rhetoric on topics such as social economy, wars, slavery, and corruption, all while mentioning the importance of human growth and relationship to counteract it all.


As IN-Q performed his renditions of stories untold, the crowd was silent and often acknowledged his entendres and prolific quotes. Some of them resonating more than others like  ‘you will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.’ Another gem the audience took away was ‘your perspective is the difference between a nightmare and a dream.’ IN-Q’s words had weight.


At one point IN-Q encouraged those in the audience to whistle alongside as he told the inspiring story of about a grocery cart worker with one arm. Interpretation of these brilliant stories was completely left up to the listener as most poems had multiple meanings. IN-Q even displayed his musical talent with a piano duet that ended his set.


Magic Giant brought show to a close along with IN-Q and Mike Posner. As all acts performed, everyone in attendance got on their feet and danced. After the music portion, thoughts were exchanged between friends and associates. They shared the endless possibilities of human growth and potential. By the end of the night the crowd felt more like family than a body of people seated together.


With “Question Everything” IN-Q has created a highly unexpected social experiment in the form of a show that excites the mind and touches the heart. Should you ever have the opportunity to see IN-Q live, you will not be disappointed.


This is a clip from IN-Q’s performance at the first TEDx in a California state prison:



Check out some photos from the evening below:

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-Darius Stone