Both Hip Hop moguls co-headline the All Star Weekend show at Madison Square Garden last night after 20 year old beef is put to rest

Last night was undoubtedly a historic moment in the game. With Drake dropping an impromptu album and Kanye performing in below freezing temperatures in Manhattan, it could only get better.

Diddy entered the stage with the primary intent of reminding everyone that 20 years prior in Madison Square Garden, there were high stakes in the beef between the Bad Boy and Death Row camps, where the two premier artists from both camps lost their lives; the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. On August 3, 1995, the two camps that represented the East Coast and West Coast respectively clashed at the 2nd Annual Source Awards. The Bad Boy general wanted to remind all who were present by showing that footage to the audience.

Diddy began to explain what was being shown by saying,

“…I also came here to set some shit right, as y’all saw on the screen. That negative energy started right here, right on this very stage. If you about positivity, make some noise. So that’s what this is about, man. This is setting that scene straight, as if we can go back, but we can’t. But we get to celebrate on this stage.”

Ironically, Suge Knight who famously fanned those East vs. West flames back on the MSG stage, is currently facing a murder charge that may possibly send him to prison for the remainder of his life. See the rest of this historic footage below.

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-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)