Oracle Jayne Doe teams up with Queen Kandi Cole & Dawn Gun for “Let’s Move.”

Walking down a neighborhood block, Oracle Jayne Doe, Queen Kandi Cole and Dawn Gun remind us of the soul and honesty of the streets, and that real women live there too.  Rare like diamonds in the rough, the Oracle, the Queen and the mouth shooter bring a hardcore grit that is not defined by guns, muscle, flags or mean mugs.  If you’re sick of thug fantasies, here are rhymes and visuals that mirror real life and offer a solution to the madness created by a capitalist agenda.

The revolution may not be televised, but it does have its champions.

These fierce femcees live up to their soothsaying, regal and hard spitting titles delivering the mantra of the underground revolution on the track, “Let’s Move.”







Let’s Go.”

Watch to the end for the Spike Lee tribute.   This is hip hop.

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