Not only was Monday President’s Day, the day we thank our Founding Fathers for creating this great country where we can all enjoy not going outside in the freezing cold. Luckily for us, we also have a pretty suave president currently in office.

In honor of a belated President’s Day, here are President Obama’s most charming musical moments via Songza Daily Hail to the Chief!

“Let’s Stay Together”

Perhaps Obama’s most memorable musical moment was when the President was at the Victory Fund Concert at New York City’s legendary Harlem theatre, The Apollo. The President sang a snippet of beloved soul singer Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” and everyone watching fully swooned.

“Sweet Home Chicago”

President Barry was doing a lot of singing back in 2012, and blues and soul seem to be his strong suits. Here’s our Commander in Chief singing “Sweet Home Chicago” with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and other blues legends at the White House. Prettyyyy smooth for a politician.

Slow Jamming the News

As he proved last week with his Buzzfeed video, Obama can be a pretty goofy guy sometimes. This time he appeared on Jimmy Fallon to slow jam the news. Dude likes his slow jammin’ soul!

“On The Road Again”

Though the President seems to predominantly enjoy blues and soul music, he can get down with country tunes as well. This past November, Obama joined Willie Nelson onstage for a PBS performance for the troops. They sang “On the Road Again,” one of the songs that made Willie a country outlaw legend.

“Walk On By”

Dionne Warwick’s classic song “Walk on By” is one of the Motown greats. Here we have President Obama singing part of Warwick’s hit at a campaign rally. She was “in the house”! How could he not have honored her with some vocal stylings?

“99 Problems”

Alright, while Obama is not exactly singing in this clip, it’s probably one of his hippest moments. At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2013, Barry references Jay Z’s “99 Problems,” and proves himself, again, to be quite the jokester. But like, in a cool dad way, you know? Later in this speech he also references Taylor Swift, which means he definitely knows what the kids are listening to these days. Word, Obama.