Austin establishments reportedly have “exclusively for white people” stickers posted on their doors just in time for the city’s annual music and film festival

According to several reports, businesses in Austin, Texas were spotted with “exclusively for whites people” stickers affixed to their main entrances, allegedly by unknown vandals.

The stickers appear to be professionally produced, with the City of Austin logo emblazoned in the center of the hate adhesive. They were strategically placed on the doors where the credit cards that are honored at that a particular business is normally seen.

This allegedly anonymous hate crime just so happened to occur on the same weekend that the globally renowned SXSW Music And Film Festival is held in the Texas town, where millions of artists and fans of all races, nationalities, and backgrounds will be in attendance.

The sticker also read,

“maximum of 5 colored customers. Colored BOH staff(back of the house; staff not seen by customers) permitted..”

The city released this statement,

Between midnight and 7 a.m. today, a number of local businesses in East Austin were defaced with a racially offensive sticker. The stickers included disparaging remarks toward persons of color. They also included the unauthorized use of the City logo and claimed City of Austin sponsorship. The stickers were neither produced nor knowingly displayed by the businesses and were removed by their employees when discovered this morning. Austin Police Department and Public Assembly Code Enforcement (PACE) Teams have been made aware of the stickers. The City is closely monitoring local businesses for additional instances of defacement and will take appropriate action should further instances arise.”

Mayor Steve Adler condemned the stickers by stating,

This is an appalling and offensive display of ignorance in our city. Austin condemns this type of hurtful behavior. Our city is a place where respect for all people is a part of our spirit and soul. We will keep it that way.”

City Manager Marc Ott added that the stickers don’t represent the City of Austin.

This is an affront to who we are as a City and who we are as a community. This type of cowardly and hateful act will not be tolerated in this city.” will update this story as it develops.

5 Responses

  1. eric.bullet

    This is obviously satire.

    Austin has a long history of segregation and is currently experiencing rather rapid gentrification. The city govt. does not want to admit any of this and is more than happy to change the subject (to how they will not tolerate racism in the whitest city in Texas.), rather than how since 2000 they’ve encouraged pushing the poor and POC out of the city by pushing an agenda of “smart growth”.

    Austin is also stupid expensive and most of the houses are two bedroom ranches.

  2. Dilip Anketell

    We can thank the GOP for making it okay to be racist and do and say racist things. Because when the attack #POTUS #PBO with their recist comments the average imbecile out there thinks it’s okay to do the same to the average citizen!

  3. Tanya Riggins

    “…The City is closely monitoring local businesses for additional instances of defacement and will take appropriate action should further instances arise.” Why not do something about it now?? Why should we have to wait for it to happen again before something is done?! UNACCEPTABLE!!! Im sure some of those businesses have security cameras monitoring their premises… Find the people responsible and bring them to justice!

  4. Regg

    They have street cameras, so check
    them to see who put up those signs.
    Defacing public property is a crime now prosecute!