Jonathan Hay is known in music production and PR.

The album, When Music Worlds Collide, which he co-produced was selected for the TIDAL Rising program, the streaming company owned by Jay Z. According to executives at TIDAL, the streaming service of When Music Worlds Collide took off after being featured on the service’s home page.

According to the International Business Times Article Here

Tidal indicated that they “saw a tremendous upstick in streams, ten days after being featured there was an 11,564.8 percent increase in streams of When Music Worlds Collide.

Jonathan Hay feels like he dropped the ball on one of the songs that featured Dizzy Wright, so he uploaded a different version to his SoundCloud and had the following to say about the stripped down, newly released version.
Check Out “Three Days on Second Thought”

“Since being selected for Jay Z’s TIDAL Rising program, our album When Music Worlds Collide has caused a lot of attention as its been featured on Fox News, Billboard, Business Insider, International Business Times,”said Hay.
“Several of the songs have exploded online and hit all the major sites and blogs. However, one of the songs hasn’t received the attention that it deserves, in my opinion, because of an error of judgment on my part. Admittedly, I messed up on the production and like all producers tend to do at times, I over-produced the song.”
The magic of the song is Dizzy Wright’s verse.
Hay agrees:”Without question, it’s one of the best verses on the album,” he said.
“But it kind of got lost in all the instrumentation, overproduction and mix that we did. So I’ve decided to strip it down to it’s original demo form, with the drum loop sample of ‘Life is… Too Short’ and the interpolation of an alternate version of ‘Hotel California’; and with the piano chords from the album Hell Freezes Over, the live album from The Eagles. I took the bassline out because I felt it clashed with the magical bass kick that was in the 80’s Too Short drum-loop. I also left in some of the original rough vocals from singers Shalé and Jonny Rice. Dizzy Wright’s verse is really dope here. It’s very raw and the way he actually recorded it. So here is Three Days On Second Thought. I think now we got it right.”