Man oh man….. Rarely do I co-sign, however, when and where respect is due, it will be given.  As a purist of hip-hop, I sure as hell will sit here and confidently give props to Elevaeted on their  most recent project, The Inauguration.

3 Young emcees,Samsonyte, LeRoyce, and T. Gallardo, all hail from Dallas and bring a refreshing sound to the game, and it seems like they’re here to help in the revitalization of one of the most important elements of the culture.  It’s easy to rap, form words that rhyme and possibly catch the ear of many, however, in 2015, much of it doesn’t make sense.  Today, the airwaves are overflowing with typical rap, trap, ratchet and pointless ish, which I have nothing against, but wouldn’t it be ill to listen to sh*t that makes sense a little more often?

The fact that they’re from Dallas speaks volumes because they are embracing hip-hop in every direction, not just on some south sh*t.  When I heard them rock on that classic Queen Latifah sample, I  kinda bugged out.  That’s one of my favorite records and their version set the mood for me to really sit and pay attention.  Mellow vibes, dope rhymes, quality production makes this a project worth listening to.

Elevaeted isn’t just a hip-hop trio, it’s a brand and movement we should pay attention to, without any doubt.

We’re all like-minded, aspiring creatives with a common goal of pushing the brand and spreading positivity throughout the youth. – Elevaeted


Take a listen to The Inauguration mixtape below and let us know your thoughts!