Directed by: Timslew

It’s the day after Labor Day and you feel awful. Not “I ate the last Dorito” awful but “my body hates me” awful. On your lunch break, pour yourself a green tea, dim the lights, and watch the new visuals from the Portland native, Tre Redeau. “Doja” is the third video to drop from Tre’s last project Kool-Aid Stand. It starts with warm colors that are soft on the eyes. The video switches from That ’70s Show styled smoking sessions indoors to walking around town, all with a slightly blurry yet welcoming feeling. The production is a mix of Curren$y and Cypress Hill, almost like a hybrid of a sativa and an indica.

When asked about the first time he was high, Tre responded:

“Man, it was crazy. I was outside a kickback when we smoked, and it hit me immediately after I inhaled the smoke. Then I slowly made my way back into the party. Grabbed a tub of liquorice and put “Party Life” by Jay Z on repeat. I still don’t know why they had red vines there but they were live at that moment. I was definitely gone in my own world and nobody changed the song.”

Also Tre has been kind enough to host a contest for you to win a pair of Grey Nike Air Yeezy 2’s. Head to his website for the full rules.

Bryan Hahn is on break for the rest of the day. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).