Kendrick Lamar Crashes a Wedding, Excessively Dabs, Nearly Gets Thrown Out

There are few people who appear to enjoy dancing the night away more than Kendrick Lamar. Whether it’s his music videos for “i,” “King Kunta,” or “These Walls,” or his live performances, Kendrick gets his two-step off just about every time he goes to work, and it’s certainly a labor of love.

This time, he may have danced a little too much. Apparently, during some off time as Kendrick and his posse hit Columbus, OH for a stop on the Kunta’s Groove Sessions tour, Kendrick, Ali and company crashed a wedding and proceeded to dab the night away. It looks like the guests gobbled it up initially, but they would soon be confronted by a not-so-amused wedding attendee, who promptly asked the dabbers to leave.

It was too late, however. Kendrick had already let off about 8 to 10 dabs heard around the world.