It appears that one of the most illustrious eras in Boston Red Sox baseball is coming to a close now that one of the preeminent figures, David Ortiz will reportedly be calling it quits after the 2016 season. The news was reported via FOX Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal, who did not specify whom he received the information from.

Ortiz has played 19 seasons thus far in his career with the Minnesota Twins and the most noteworthy being his time with the Red Sox, winning 3 World Series titles and being named to the All-Star game 9 times. Big Papi was named the 2013 World Series MVP after hitting 2 home runs and clocking in an amazing .688 batting average. Most definitely a candidate for the Pro Baseballl Hall Of Fame, Ortiz hit his 500th home run this past season, putting him in elite company.

The Red Sox have an option on his contract for the next 2 seasons and he is set to earn $16 Million for his play next season. Ortiz recently sat down with WEEI’s Rob Bradford back in September and eluded to retirement. “Life goes on. This isn’t everything,” Ortiz said. “This is just one chapter of my life. It takes a lot of me. A lot. Like, a lot. My wife and family can tell you because I’m very responsible in what I do. I take it really, really, really serious.