Meek Mill spent the second half of 2014 behind bars after he violated his probation. This dates back to a 2009 gun and drug charge that he is still dealing with. Since becoming a free man, the Philadelphia rapper has been one of the most popular artists in Hip Hop, successfully releasing his sophomore album, while also locking down his dream girl Nicki Minaj. Let’s not forget his skirmish with friend turned foe Drake.

Recently, Meek Mill accompanied his girlfriend to the American Music Awards in Los Angeles and that trip has him facing more time behind bars. The prosecutor in the case alleges that Meek has violated conditions of his parole various times by changing his court-approved travel schedule and submitting questionable urine samples.

The rapper appeared in a Philadelphia court house Thursday (December 10) for a parole hearing and Nicki Minaj present, testifying in defense of her beau.

Speaking to the court, she shared:

He never purposefully goes against rules. He absolutely wants to make this a smooth transition.

He doesn’t have a lot of structure. He can be irresponsible,” Minaj continued. “Since I’ve come in his life, I think I’ve been working on that a little bit. … He’s just getting accustomed to being an adult

On prosecutor Noel DeSantis

She’s not going to be the one sleeping alone if he goes to jail. I am,” Minaj told judge Genece Brinkley. “He’s not perfect, but I can’t believe how much he’s changed.

Meek Mill took to his Instagram account and gave his thoughts on the current situation.

I’m actually fighting for my life and freedom … Something I’ve been going thru from a case I caught at 19 years old and been on probation since… I am 28 now,” he wrote. “It’s funny to see people on the internet laughing and joking about me and my family going thru these things, it’s just shows me where the world is at nowadays! But if you are for me prayers up and wish me the best! Thank you to everybody that ever supported and I will continue to b great! If this is my last post know I will continue to remain strong and grow to b a better man and set a example for every minority with a dream that anything is possible! Trials and tribulations and chances makes chances & never lose faith! No matter how things go. PRAYERS UP!!.

What is also alarming is that DeSantis told the court that Drake fans have been calling her often, asking for Meek Mill to be arrested.

The hearing for Meek Mill will not be completed until December 17th, and Common Pleas Court Judge Genece Brinkley gave the rapper instructions not to travel until that date, but did give an idea as to what the outcome could be with the following statement.

[Williams is] thumbing his nose at me,” the judge said, “and I haven’t been convinced otherwise.