If you listen to Drake‘s music, you’ll know he’s got an affinity for sweet pillow talk. It’s one of the main reasons he’s such a huge star today. Some of his biggest records, like “Hold On, We’re going Home,” “Best I Ever Had,” and “Hotline Bling” prove he’s a hit among the ladies.

Apparently, these two ladies were a hit with Drake.

Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta are twin sisters from Sweden that describe themselves as multi-talented: “writers, poets, models and insta-jedis” according to their website, and they have a fashion line, Eytys, which just released their Spring/Sumemr 2016 collection. According to an Instagram post from late last night, they “got some Canadian dude drunk and had him get a tattoo” of their name. Naturally, that Canadian dude was Drake.

That time we got some Canadian dude drunk and had him get a tattoo of our name ???

A photo posted by Elizabeth/Victoria Lejonhjärta (@lejonhjerta) on

They weren’t just talking sh*t either. Tattoo artist Dr. Woo just recently took to his Instagram to show off a tattoo he did for Drake yesterday, of a lion’s head circumscribed by the message “Oktober” and “Lejonhjarta.”

Lion head for the homie @champagnepapi ?? A photo posted by Doctor Woo Tattoo (@_dr_woo_) on

Safe to say Drake likes their poetry, right? The phrase doubles as “October Lionheart,” which we’re pretty sure Drake confirmed before he went ahead and got the ink.