Finishing the year strong, after dropping both Special Effects and the compilation Strangeulation Vol. II, Tech N9ne continues to feed his insatiable following with his latest video, “A Blunt and a Hoe.”

The Kansas City rapper not only maintains a feverish touring schedule, announcing Strange Music’s 2016 Independent Powerhouse Tour this week, but released his fifth video of the month.

In a comical rendition of Cheech and Chong’s 1978 movie “Up In Smoke,” Tech and MURS take on the roles of the legendary duo with Ubiquitous playing the role of the pursuing Sgt. Strawberry.

The concept of the video is unique, as Tech rhymes about his anxieties of life and need to self medicate with women and weed, as the characters mirror the concepts using memorable scenes from the movie.

Check out the video below.