Paterson, NJ’s own Fetty Wap was a mainstay on the Billboard Top 10 in 2015, as he set a record as the first artist to have his first four singles debut north of the tenth spot on the charts. This was all further boosted by massive popularity, appearing on stage with Taylor Swift during her 1989 tour, performing on some of the biggest platforms on network television and successfully releasing his self-titled debut album.

Clearly one of the most talked about artists of any genre from the past year, Fetty Wap looks to double down on his success as he recently partnered with Moji Keyboard for his own line of exclusive emojis. Fetty’s name rings true as he certainly has money on his mind, expanding his portfolio. Some of the emojis are available for preview below and the app is currently available on the IOS app store.


Keep an eye for Fetty Wap on the cover The Source Magazine’s digital issue slated for release tomorrow (December 30).