Careful not to mix business with pleasure, Kevin Gates avoids crossing his wires in the strategically-implemented video for “2 Phones,” the latest single from his upcoming major label debut Islah, available on January 29. While it’s been suggested that two monologues do not make a dialogue, the Breadwinners Association CEO employs a tried and tested method of organization that involves splitting his focus accordingly.

Gates maintains open lines of communication of course; it’s not so much that he’s falling of the grid and becoming difficult to get ahold of due to his sudden compartmentalization. But in order to eliminate potential confusion and have his ducks in a row at all times, he must keep his priorities straight by taking necessary measures of precaution.

An esteemed multitasker, the Baton Rouge rapper and singer certainly understands the value in killing two birds with one stone when the opportunity presents itself, but would hate to risk embarrassment as a result of putting all of his eggs in one basket. Better safe than sorry.