R&B singer Chris Brown is no stranger to the paparazzi’s flashing lights due to his controversial escapades with women. This time Brown has made headlines for allegedly getting into a one sided physical altercation with Lizanne Gutierrez at his own private party at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gutierrez was seen leaving the hotel covering her face last night and is charging Brown with assault. According to Gutierrez and others present, Brown allegedly struck Gutierrez and took her phone after she attempted to take a picture of the R&B star. When detectives arrived at the scene to question Brown about the altercation, he had already vacated the resort and was unable to be contacted.

Since the incident, an image of Gutierrez with a swollen eye has surface along with an Instagram video of Brown denying the charges saying that

“somebody looking to get a check”

, claiming that this whole incident is falsified. 

This incident isn’t Brown’s first time facing allegations of domestic violence. There have been numerous reports of him assaulting both men and women. He has served probation and has been forced to serve community service for his 2009 domestic violence assault against Rihanna. The world will just have to wait and see if this case gets added to the list of transgressions posed by one of America’s top selling recording artists.