As of late, the Twitter ‘storytime’ trend has been on a rapid rise. People with larger than life experiences have taken to their social media accounts detailing the dramatic and often humorous happenings of their lives.

However, the latest tale to find itself trending might be the best yet, surrounded around plain stupidity, overstated privilege, and sweet retribution.

Subtract the profanity seen here and there, and this 22-tweet long account is one worth embedding in the workplace.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • Torra’s white co-worker refuses to learn her name.
  • He disregards her name plaque and calls her “Laquisha” b/c ‘all hood black girl names’ sound the same.
  • She gets revenge by calling him different stereotypical ‘white’ names everyday.
  • The whole office eventually gets  in on it, and he apologizes.

But, read the full thread below, and let @Blackmajiik tell it to you in her own way.