Rapper Plies may not be as prolific as he was in, say, 2009, but has used Instagram to parlay his celebrity into the verbiage of millions of youth across the country. Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 2 which was released November 19th of last year featured a song for which he dropped a video the day the mixtape was released called “Ritz Carlton”. The song, which contains the now famous line “Ran off on the plug twice”, featured Plies in the video jogging in place while he rapped the line. In the video below you can find the dance at the at the 0:45 second mark.



Since then, it’s taken off in the basketball and football worlds. Here is Clemson football players celebrating by doing the dance.


And here is the Florida Gators men’s basketball team celebrating a huge basket with the dance.

And here, you can enjoy a near five minute compilation of the dance.

Although the dance isn’t relatively the most game changing, it is something easy and fun to do. You can check a slightly more in depth piece here.

For some reason, I wonder does Shawty Lo feel some type of way.