The clock is ticking until it’s time for Camille Cosby to be questioned under oath in a lawsuit that was brought up by seven different women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

Camille has been married to the comedian for 52 years and she is also his business manager, which gives the attorney for the seven women reason to believe that she would provide relevant insight to help solve this case.

The attorney, Joseph Cammarata said:

She has important information as his business manager and, of course, as his wife of 52 years. We hope to learn information that is relevant to the claims which are an issue in this case, including Mr. Cosby’s relationship with other women.

For the past year dozens of women came forward saying that America’s favorite black dad is truly a rapist who drugs his victims. Some believe the women, while others believe it’s a conspiracy to tear down Cosby’s legacy and future plans. Throughout all the mishap, Camille has took a firm stance on her husband’s side and unsuccessfully tried to quash the subpoena that orders her to testify in court. So in a few days, Camille will forcefully break her silence (Reminder: She will be under oath).

But the big question here is: What does Camille know?

Stay tuned to see how this unravels.