At 30-years-old, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is now contemplating retirement according to numerous current and former teammates. After 9 seasons in the league, Megatron has placed himself in the conversation as one of the best wide outs ever, but it seems that he might have had enough of the sport.

One of his former teammates, who opted to remain anonymous stated

But I think the guy’s beat up. I think he’s been through enough. And I think it’s just his time. He’s made the money, got the records, but whatever. I don’t know for sure if he’s going to do it. I don’t know if he’s going to get that itch to keep going. I really don’t know.

After the initial article was released regarding the issue, both Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions issued statements pertaining to his retirement.

Coming out of Georgia Tech in 2007, Johnson is ranked 7th all-time in both catches and first in receiving touchdowns and receiving yards. Gaudy statistics considering he has only played 9 NFL seasons. If he were to follow through with the decision, it would most definitely be a major blow to the Detroit Lions franchise who rose from obscurity in recent years with the help of Johnson and QB Matthew Stafford.