Stephen Curry‘s Golden State Warriors are on pace to break the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls regular season record of 72-10, but he will have to stay healthy for them to achieve it. The Warriors lost the first game Curry didn’t play in this season–just their 2nd loss of the year–and came close to dropping the second game Curry missed due to nagging injuries (they were saved by ridiculous late-game shooting from Klay Thompson).

As it stands right now, even though Curry has been playing of late, he isn’t 100% healthy. In a win over the Lakers on Tuesday, Curry aggravated a pre-existing injury to his left shin, one that’s troubled him in past games.

After the game, Curry admitted to ESPN that for the leg to fully heal, he would have to sit out four weeks, but that is not in the reigning league MVP’s plans. “I’m not going to sit out four weeks, so just got to figure out how to protect it while I’m out on the floor and keep playing. We’ve done a good amount and just had a couple unlucky plays, and we’ll keep addressing it.”

With the Warriors real head coach, Steve Kerr, returning–no shade to Luke Walton, who’s done an outstanding job–it’ll be interesting to see how Curry’s injury is handled. If him resting up fully so the Warriors are primed for a run at repeating as champions is deemed to be more important than chasing the Bulls’ record–which is likely–Kerr may have a paramount decision to make in the coming weeks.