As the Bill Cosby allegations continue to grow legs and dominate media headlines, slowly, artists and celebrities speak out on the idea that for over 30 years, Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted loads of women.

The Game is one of the more recent celebs to speak out, posting a message to his Instagram page yesterday that read “Black Lives Splatter,” and captioning one of the images with the following:

I think it’s crazy that Bill Cosby has a mugshot for alleged assaults 11 years ago with no physical evidence or proof besides these womens accounts of what he did to them an entire decade later…. But Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown on camera, is FREE. George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, is FREE. Timothy Loehman, who killed Tamir Rice seconds after arriving on the scene.. on camera, is FREE. Officers who shot Keith Childress 19 times for holding a cellphone they thought was a gun, are FREE. Officers who arrested Sandra Bland & detained her until her mysterious death, are FREE. All of the officers who shot 50 rounds into Sean Bell’s car, on his wedding day, killing him, are FREE ! I could go on all day, but you get the point… & again, y’all put Dr. Huxtable in jail off of word of mouth. I’m not here to say these women are liars or not because RAPE is a huge deal & I don’t wish that on any woman of any color… But whether or not he actually did anything, we won’t know because of the lack of evidence or proof & the duration from the point of the alleged assault to now…. Why did it take these women over 10 years to bring this to the light ? & while we out here laughing & making memes of a 70+ year old man who practically raised us all on tv as children….in other news…. The people we pay taxes to keep employed are still taking the lives of men, women & even children, ON VIDEO, are out here enjoying the New Year FREE & I don’t see no memes of that shit…. & who am I except a man with an opinion……. So I’m not here to ask anyone to do anything other than pay attention & govern yourself accordingly – The Game

The “100” rapper makes sure he makes it clear that he doesn’t believe Cosby’s accusers are liars, and draws parallels to other wrongdoings around the country, and how they’re being handled. Game specifically makes note of the Tamir Rice case, and Sandra Bland‘s mysterious death, and the lack of follow-up on their controversial rulings and narratives, as part of the trend of a lack of justice being brought against Black people despite the presence of physical evidence, which the Cosby case is glaringly missing.