The Technics 1200 Turntable has been considered the must have wheels of steel by DJs everywhere for decades. Known for its high-torque, direct drive platter that guarantees perfect mixes and amazingly accurate scratches, however, despite its popularity, the last version of the turntable, the MK6, was released only in Japan back in 2008. Today due to the high demand and rise in popularity of DJing, Panasonic announced it had revived the turntable with the new Grand Class Technics SL-1200G and limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE.

As far as appearance, Panasonic hasn’t touched the classic design of the SL-1200; under the hood, however, is a different story. Usually, the torque of direct drive turntables causes a subtle speed fluctuation that can take away from the vinyl listening experience. Panasonic has removed the iron core of the direct-drive motor that is blamed for the fluctuation in speed. Any other vibrations by the electric motor are suppressed and corrected using the new processor-controlled rotational positioning sensors now inside the SL-1200G’s housing.

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Grand Class SL 1200GAE will be available this summer. The only difference from the cheaper SL-1200G is the serial number on the base that marks authenticity, a magnesium housing rather than aluminum, and early availability. None of these marked up features have any effect on the audio quality of the turntable. For the more frugal shoppers, the wait will be a tad bit longer with the SL 1200G hitting stores several months after the limited edition.