It has been reported by The Whispers‘ manager that one of the group’s founding members, Nicholas Caldwell, died yesterday from congestive heart failure in his home in Stockton, California. He was 71 years old.

Nicholas has had heart problems in the past and had a pacemaker inserted in 2014, but it’s unclear at this point exactly what led to his death.

The Whispers began their career in 1964 in Watts, California in the Jordan Downs Housing Projects. The group was originally founded by Wallace “Scotty” and Walter Scott, along with Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson and Caldwell. The group released countless hits including “Rock Steady”, “And The Beat Goes On” and “It Just Gets Better With Time”, dropping three gold and two platinum albums throughout their illustrious career. The Whispers were inducted into the R&B Hall Of Fame in 2014. sends its deepest condolences to Caldwell’s wife and the rest of the Whispers family.