Since this past Wednesday, January 6th, the Consumer Electronic Show Or CES has been going on in Las Vegas. For those who are not familiar with the event; the CES is quote,

“…the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology”.

Every year this convention is held in Las Vegas, Nevada and have served as a launch board for innovators and breakthrough technologies for the past 40 years. Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, CES showcases 3,600 exhibits and a program of over 200 conferences that draw an average audience of  about 150,000 attendees from around 150 countries. It goes without saying that this convention is a big deal.

Being that this is the biggest convention of its kind in the United States, the CES is consistently bringing out not only products leading their industries in innovation but some of the coolest stuff that will be hitting the shelves quite soon. Here is a list of some of the best and most interesting items that were showcased at the CES 2016.

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge: The futuristic tech fridge has become a cliche in science fiction being a fixture in kitchens and with the help of Samsung the average American family can really keep up with The Jetsons. What makes this fridge so smart is the touch-screen on the door that has a larger display than most home computers. The Smart Fridge can set reminders, play music, and stream TV. The fridge even takes a picture of its contents each time its closed to prevent having to indecisively hold its door open…which you can view from your phone. You’ll never wonder “Do we have any food?” ever again.


Kodak Super 8 Camera: With the rise of nostalgia in photography and cinematography Kodak has decided to revive and old favorite and classic in film making. Actual film is being reintroduced to the mainstream with this stylishly revamped Super 8 camera. Sporting the same method that is used in countless film classics, this camera shoots using 8mm film that the director can send directly back to Kodak who will then upload it to the cloud for digital use. The camera also has digital feautres such as digital viewfinder and audio recording on an SD card.


Digisole Smart Shoe: In 2014 we saw the Air Mag, in 2015 Nike innovated and gave us a glimpse of the self locking Air Mag true to its cinematic roots, and in the break of 2016 Digisole give us the Smart Shoe. This shoe is not only self lacing but can be linked to the wearer’s smart phone. The Smart Shoe app can track you distance traveled, calories burned, shock absorption, and even warm your feet. Definite must cop.

Chipolo: The Chipolo is a Bluetooth enabled find-my-keys system that links a specially made key chain to your smart phone allowing you to find your misplaced keys via GPS. The product also works both way causing your phone to ring if it is lost and you are still in possession of your keys.

ChiP The Robot Dog: Wow-Wee Toys has finally brought a childhood dream of many to reality. They are the first to bring an intelligent robotic dog to the market, Their CHiP can recognize its owner, makes its own way to its charging station when it senses low battery, can slide in all directions, and even plays fetch. This toy may be the answer to those who are either allergic or have a pet hating landlord and still seek the companionship of a furry friend, minus the fur of course.