53-year-old Arnous Morin is without a doubt New York City’s most diligent traffic agent. In the 2015 fiscal year, Morin dished out nearly 19,000 parking tickets. Yes, you read that right. To crunch the numbers, that would equal out to 76 per day that he worked, generating $1.2 million for the city. And no, he does not see any of that as his base pay is $36,000 per year. Chances are, if you’ve received a parking ticket in the south Brooklyn area within the past year, more than likely, Morin was the one who made you have to pay up.

When speaking with the New York Post about his work days, he was very stern in his stance.

Never, never. It’s never OK to break the law, The law is hard, but it’s the law. You can’t break the law for any reason.

Though motorists are never happy to see him, sometimes even shouting at him to “get a real job” his superiors at work love his dedication.

Communication Workers of America Local 1182 President Syed Rahim, Morin’s boss shared:

He’s a very hardworking person, a man of integrity and sincerity. He works sometimes 12 hours a day, six to seven days to survive. He is the exception. I ­appreciate him.

Brooklyn traffic attorney Scott Forschein wasn’t too full of praise though:

It sounds to me like he’s trying to make his bones, Parking tickets are purely a revenue-raising activity. It’s shocking that one person would stand out so much ahead of anyone else. I’d be concerned about the validity of tickets given out at that rate.

In case you were wondering, Morin says he’s been ticketed only three times himself.