Earlier this week, C-Murder, the former No Limit rapper best known for his “Down For My N*ggas” collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Magic, released a diss track aimed at 2 Chainz called “2 Stainz,” in which the currently incarcerated artist shot at 2 Chainz for allegedly stealing his “TRU” mantra (C-Murder founded TRU Records in 2000, it would eventually be renamed Bossalinie Records).

Recently, TMZ caught up with 2 Chainz at the airport, and the Atlanta rapper responded to a paparazzo’s prods about the diss track by offering support for C-Murder, saying he has “nothing but love” for him, and directing the pap to Angola State Prison, the only place Murder can currently be reached for comments on why he chose now to release the diss track. Chainz later added that he refuses to kick a man while he’s down, and hoped that Murder could one day “come home and take care of his family.”

C-Murder is currently serving life in prison on second-degree murder charges. You can listen to the diss track here.