Apple will no longer wait 12 months before rolling out new features with the recent beta release of iOS 9.3. To keep users engaged, they have provided substantive new updates with the new operating system. This allows users to update in a steady stream of smaller updates instead of having to wait for a major release every summer.

Apple is changing their release strategy and also put up a new website exclusivley for iOS 9.3 beta, which is a first for the pioneer tech company. The latest release has several improvements and a wide range of apps that include educational tools like the New Classroom app as well as other cool features.

CarPlay from Apple Music consists of songs, artists and albums picked by experts in the industry. App users also have the feature to make selections based on their own preference. CarPlay also has the Nearby feature in Maps to let users know the best places to stop.

Check out the new iOS 9.3 beta update here.