You know what they say: all publicity is good publicity. But while there are plenty of ways for someone to get their name out there – particularly in the digital era – there’s nothing like a good ole fashioned, grassroots approach.

In a bizarre story out of Florida – fairly reminiscent of the “Rap Album Confessions” sketch by Comedy Central’s Key & Peele last year – the Sun-Sentinel reports that local upstart Volvique Louis Jean Jr. was asked by an officer maneuvering in a golf cart to see his ID after speeding through the bus loop of Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, opting instead to hand him a personal mixtape – with his name on it – prior to, well, peeling off.

The incident occurred back on October 28, but somehow Jean Jr. was miraculously tracked down and arrested last Wednesday by the Palm Beach County School District Police. He was charged with fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and trespassing on school grounds – but not, as it turns out, for a practically-criminal lack of common sense.