Former Oklahoma City police officer and convicted rapist Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced finally today [Thursday, January 21] after a a series of delays.

In a last minute attempt to get a new trial, defense attorney Scott Adams filed a motion for a mistrial, claiming that Holtzclaw “didn’t receive a fair trial.”

According to The Oklahoman, Adams mentioned in his motion an Oklahoma City detective’s posting on social media. In that Facebook post, the lawyer claimed, the man made “statements revealing that there is evidence that was withheld from the defense by the government.”

The sentencing was recessed twice to give the judge a moment to review  the newly filed motion. Although hope wasn’t lost, many were skeptical of the newly sworn in and appointed Oklahoma County judge and former police officer Timothy Henderson‘s ability to remain unbiased during sentencing.

As the sentencing delay approached two hours, supporters of the victims gathered outside in front of the courtroom to show solidarity and hope for the victims.

After waiting for more than three hours the judge denied the motion for a mistrial and allowed the victims to speak before delivering the verdict for the recommended time of 263 years to run consecutively.

Holtzclaw was accused of committing sex crimes against 13 African American women and was convicted of offenses involving eight of the women. His sentence began effective immediately.